Saturday, May 1, 2010

7 Quick Takes: April Round-up

ONE: The Farmer's Market opened in St. Paul last weekend and Andi and I went to check it out. There wasn't much to choose from but plants and a few meat vendors but it was great to get out and see the Twin Cities waking up after a long winter. I think the Farmer's Market is one of my favorite things to do in the spring/summer because it's supporting our local community and it's free!

TWO: Our friends D & Ellie were in town from Chicago this week which made it a busy one and so great! Those two have so much energy and passion and it's contagious when you're around them. Lucky to have them in our lives!

THREE: Our upstairs rental is still up for grabs but I think we might have sealed the deal last night. My genius husband decided to host an open house of sorts last night from 5pm-7pm. We had about 5 different groups of people come and look at the house which created a little sense of urgency in people making a decision to rent. At one point, two groups were standing in the front lawn discussing "who would make it to the finish line" and rent our place. Hopefully we sign a deal this afternoon.

FOUR: Afterwards, Andi and I walked to a bar down the street for a little celebratory cocktail. Andi bought a stack of pickle cards (or pull tabs as Minnesotans call them) and gave me half. I won $100!!! Super excited about my big win. I plan to use my winnings to buy flowers for my yard.

FIVE: How are your nurse maid skills? Or shall I say lack there of? Apparently, mine aren't so favorable. This week Andi ate some bad mussels for lunch and wasn't feeling so great for a few days following. As much as he wanted me to wait on him and tell him how sorry I was that he wasn't feeling well, I couldn't (or should I say too annoyed to do it) and therefore, I fail in this wife catagory. This was a small point of contention for us this week. Does anyone else feel like this too? It's just not in my DNA, I guess. Sorry Andi.

SIX: Chloe's feeling much better these days -- thanks to those of you who've been asking about her. She isn't throwing up any longer although she's not eating much either. But since she never really did, I guess we're back to normal. And in that case, glad to see my little girl acting like herself again!

SEVEN: We take ownership (or rentership I should say) of the Crosslake cabin on May 15. I am so damn excited for our fun summer ahead! I've been thinking of fun activities for the cabin this summer and definitely want to host a weekend of Lawn Olympics. I'm thinking costumes, lawn games, plenty of cocktails and a giant bracket board to track the winning teams. Also thinking it'd be fun to have theme weekends like Malibu Bash or Mexican Fiesta. Think of all the food and cocktails recipes you could dream up ... not to mention the outfits. Maybe t-shirts? Here I go again ... let summer begin! 

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