Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm starting to understand why my mom was always so stressed out.

Who knew having a second household would be so much work?!

Well, as I type that sentence it doesn't seem like you'd need a rocket scientist to figure that one out ... but still. It's been a busy week, thanks in part to summer skirting in and also in my own preparations for the cabin. There's 3 other couples sharing the cabin with us this summer - which means there's 3 other women around - yet for some reason I feel like the little house mother who needs to make sure we have sheets and towels and cooking supplies ... and everything we'll possibly need at the cabin this summer. I think it's mostly because we arranged for the cabin and we're the only ones who've been to the cabin thus far. I also don't know how much the other couples will be up there so I feel like it's ME who needs to make sure we're prepared. If nothing else, it's also being responsible in planning for my husband - not just myself - and I want to be a good wife who's well organized. I'm starting to see why my mom always said vacations were not vacations for her....

Also, spending ever weekend somewhere else this summer means I have so much to do at our house during the week - and not a lot of time to complete it all. This week after work I:
  • Mowed the lawn
  • Fertilized the lawn and flower beds
  • Shopped for flowers
  • Planted flower pots
  • Watered the yard daily which is uber-time consuming
  • Gave Chloe a bath
  • Washed all the cabin bedding
  • Washed all Andi's clothes for his upcoming work travel
  • Purchased more supplies for the cabin
  • Planned menus for the cabin and bought food to take up with us
  • Dug through summer clothes; gave away what I didn't want, sorted through the ones I do and made piles for home and for the cabin
  • ... all while working on a gigantic Excel project for work for a few hours every night which I FINALLY finished THANK GAWD!
I'm definitely not complaining. It was gorgeous outside this week so it was nice to spend some time outside. I told Andi last night, I was literally out of breath from running around so much. I'm either out of shape (which is very possible) or waaay busier than I'm used to.

Two stories this week in realizing men are just different than women:

As I was frantically catching up on laundry last night to make sure Andi had all the clothes we wanted to bring up North this weekend, I asked him which clothes were a priority to have clean. He just looked at me and said "Well, can't you just wash all of them?" Yeah honey, I'll get right on that. He definitely didn't mean it like he said it but uh yeah, prime example of how husbands overlook the ways in which wife's make their lives easier. Oh, boys ... how you never change.

One thing I've already realized about the cabin: my husband and I will seriously need some sort of "check out" system before we leave there every weekend this summer. I'd need more fingers and toes to count the number of times Andi said to me this week "Did my [insert item here] make it back from the cabin?" Shirts, pants, shoes, electronics, etc., etc., etc. What I thought to myself as I bit my tongue was "well, did you pack it ... because if you didn't, it isn't here." I can already see where this is going and I hereby go on the record as notice to my husband and future children: everyone is responsible for their own stuff.
The End.

As much work as it is, I am still so very excited for the cabin this summer. It's a lot of work to get there, but there's no better place to spend our summer. On my way up for another fun weekend ahead ... we're putting the pontoon in the lake tonight!

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  1. When my family used to share our cabin with my uncle my dad (very organized) printed and framed a checkoff list for closing up the cabin before leaving and hung it by the front door. Just an idea.