Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ABC 123

Have no fear my friends.

I haven't lost my baby fever. Shall we say, I've become better at compressing my endless desire to have a baby. I've realized that talking about pleading with my husband in a wimpy, naggy puuulease-can-we-have-a-baby?!?! way is not helping my cause. So I'm doing my very best to keep my thoughts to myself. He knows how I feel about it (oh boy does he know...) and so we'll leave it at that. At least for now.

Since I personally don't have a little bun in my oven, I've taken to focusing on those who do. Case in point: my lovely cousin Jen who's expecting in October. I am BEYOND THRILLED for Jen, so much so that I send her daily email updates on books I think she should read, places to shop for maternity clothes, etc. etc. She probably thinks I'm losing it ... or maybe hopes I'll get a hobby ... but it's really my excitement and love for her spilling over. Just so happy for her.

My mom and I have offered to host a baby shower for Jen later this summer. I've been busy dreaming up a theme, decoration ideas and games we can play at the shower. Who knew planning a baby shower is practically the funnest thing ever?

So I just had to share the cute decorations I've made so far. The shower's theme is ABC's. (Jen's a 2nd grade teacher so I think it's super cute and perfect for her personality). Last night I painted letters that spell BABY to display as decoration....

I also bought ABC Flash Cards and made them into a "Baby Shower" banner using red yarn, teeny tiny clothes pins...

I took the same Flash Cards and made them into dangling decorations. I plan to hang these from the ceiling light or on the corner of a picture frame.

Just getting started! I have many more party ideas ... stay tuned!


  1. Too fun!! Now you have me all excited : ) August can't come soon enough.

  2. Me again!!! I was also going to mention I LOVE all your emails they are VERY helpful!!!!