Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is the post where you recommend I be committed to a mental institution.

 I'm pretty sure you're going to say that by the end, just warning you...

So, lately I've been pre-planning the decor for my non-existent baby's nursery. I was thinking about painting our bedrooms this summer and thought to myself, why not paint the spare room in the color of my future baby's nursery in an effort to be uber-organized? I mean really, why would I paint the room one color only to re-paint again in the hopefully very near future? So as I've been daydreaming about gender neutral paint colors to match my yet-to-be-purchased baby furnature, I've also been searching for a cool way to display a family tree in the baby's room. I think I've told you before how fascinating I find geneology and would love to showcase my baby's history in a cool, artistic way.

There's so many neat options out there including a few I found on Etsy.

Take a look ...

1) there has always been a special branch on our family tree just for you by: Kilsook
This print melts my heart. When you think about it, your family tree's always growing. There's many more branches waiting to be born :)
2) Or this Custom Family Tree by ErinJaneShop
...which is a great way to showcase more immediate family without listing everyone

3) Or this family tree by LizSage with handwritten names of family members
I love how custom this one feels with the baby's name at the base of the tree and all family members featured.

4) I might go big with a family tree decal like this one from Contemporarydesigns
...although it doesn't feature the names of our family and that's really the point I think.


  1. I really like #4. What a fun idea!!!

    We are thinking about getting a large tree decal for the wall in the babies room.

  2. yep. crazy. : ) still love ya though! ha ha...