Thursday, May 27, 2010

Made Strawberry Pie & Mowed the Lawn - not at the same time, obvs.

Getting ready for the cabin tonight and I've got plenty to accomplish.

We're a go for our White Trash Party on Saturday and I'm trying to make everything that I possibly can ahead of time ... much rather do it here than there (when I'd rather be down by the lake, you know?).

When we throw a White Trash Party, we done do the menu up right! Here's what we're making:

- Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Cole Slaw
- Broccoli Salad
- Fruit Salad
- Taco Salad
- Seven Layer Dip & Chips
- Little Smokies
- Corny Macaroni Casserole
- Baked Beans
- Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Veggie Burgers
- Veggies and Dip
- Potato Chips
- Strawberry Pie
- Rice Krispie Treats
- Popsicles
We should have enough food to last alll the way through the weekend.
I have a feeling Thursday nights are going to be busy! during the summer. Tonight I went to the store and bought groceries, mowed the lawn, watered my yard, made Corny Macaroni Casserole, 2 Strawberry Pies and painted my toenails. Chloe's jonesing for a walk but I just don't have it in me...I'm exhausted.
Here's my hard work all completed - pretty proud of my pies! First time I've made my mom's recipe so hopefully they turn out half as good as hers :)

Off to the cabin tomorrow! Can't wait!

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