Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth

How could this not be?

Lake O'brien on Saturday morning
photo credit: my talented husband

It's the first weekend of the summer at Cabin a la [Yet To Be Determined Name] and the only word I can come up with to explain the true wonder of this place is absolute serenity. We're going to have the best summer here.

On Friday night, Andi, SIL Lindsay, MIL Janie and I made the 2 1/2 hour drive up to the cabin from the Cities. We were expecting quite a bit of traffic because it's the Fishing Opener this weekend. We waited until after dinner to hit the road and it was well worth it - made great time getting here w/ no traffic headaches. On the drive up, we passed Lake Mille Lacs (the 2nd largest lake in Minnesota) and the view was breathtaking. The lake was a pale blue color and as the sun set, you could barely see where the sky ended and the lake began. We were pretty tired by the time we arrived so we snooped around the cabin before calling it a night.

Saturday morning, I woke up to find Andi and his mom sitting by the side of the lake, watching the sun come up over the water. Our cabin is about 50 feet from the water's edge so it's easy to wander down to the water and chill.

Late morning, we drove into town and went to lunch at Riverside Inn. It's a bar/restaurant that looks pretty rough on the outside but has pretty tasty food and lots of local / organic stuff. Who knew? We sat on the patio outside and watched the Pine River flow by. The waitress told us you can tube down the river in June and July - definintely something we'll have to check out!

Afterwards we drove to about 15 minutes South to Brainerd to meet a couple friends of ours. They took us out on their Tige boat and Andi and Jon were brave enough to get in the wakeboard. I bet the water was 50 degrees!

Yesterday evening we drove back, grabbed some pizza at Rafferty's and hung out at the cabin. There's a sauna downstairs that Andi and I broke in for the very first time! Never been used by the owners. So relaxing and rejuvinating. We were ready for bed last night - a fun-filled day at the lake.

Janie, Chloe and I


Not a bad view, eh?

Cabin view from the water

Chloe likes it here just fine

Janie and I watching the sunset
Despite my best efforts, I still got bug bites

Sunday Funday today and more adventures w/ Chuck and Carol (the neighbors).
Photos to come soon...


  1. Holy crap! My grandparents live on Lake O'Brian in Crosslake! They have a beautiful home on it. I'm trying to think how to describe it. Big wrap around deck. Two levels seen from lakeside. Big screened in porch facing lake on top deck level. Raskob is the name. Know 'em?

  2. Hey! I think we saw their sign where we were out walking today. What a small world!! Do you guys get up there at all? You should stop over :)

  3. I think I recognize your place from pontoon rides as well! I usually go up there once over the summer. I'll let you know when I go up and maybe I'll swing by. :) Who owns the cabin under what name so I can tell my grandparents?

  4. Prowley's are the owners. It's on the North end of the lake.

  5. So amazing!!!! Can't wait to come visit