Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Countdown Continues: From Miss to Mrs.

Only 44 more days until I'm a WIFE!!!
I can barely hold myself together - the excitement is taking over.

Here's my checklist until the big day:
- friend bridal shower / bachelorette (June 20)
- NE bridal shower (June 27)
- MN bridal shower (July 25)
- jewerly ... need to figure how what I'll wear
- steam my dress to rid any wrinkles
- order a wedding bouquet
- final marriage class w/ Pastor (June 22)
- get marriage license

Not too bad, eh? Have I mentioned lately how wonderful a small wedding is???

I've also been contimplating if Andi and I should buy gifts for everyone attending the wedding ceremony. This would include our parents and siblings ... which would equal about 12 people. I'm back and forth on this topic because I want to make a lasting memory for the people in our lives and sending them away with a gift would help them remember our special day. But, in an effort to keep costs to a minimum, I've been brainstorming other options.

I've decided to write a personalized note to each person attending to let them know in what way they've personally impacted our lives. (Haven't told Andi this idea yet, but I'm sure he'll be in agreement). Isn't that what a gift is suppose to be anyway? A thank you for the love and support we've been given individually and as a couple? I think a letter would equally symbolize this feeling - and be more heartfelt.

So, will only 44 days left, I better get moving....

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  1. I can't beleive how quickly your big day is coming!!! You are going to be a beautiful bride : ) I agree that a heartfelt note would mean a lot - I know sometimes when I am in wedding the gift doesn't get used, or a few months down the road I don't even remember what I got (terrible, but the truth)!