Monday, June 1, 2009

2 Months

It's exactly two months until the wedding!

Perhaps it's because I have little wedding planning to do before the big day (the joy of planning a small wedding!) but I feel like the time is draaaaging on and on. Without wishing my summer away, can July 31 please hurry it up already?!?

Andi and I had our last marriage class tonight. It was, by far, the best session we've experienced to date. Before each class, we prepare by completing homework Pastor has assigned to us. This time, we were asked to review Ephesians Chapter 5 verses 21 - 33 where the Bible discusses the roles of a husband and wife.

I've never felt so in love and been so excited to be married as I did while we discussed this passage with Pastor today. He explained the true meaning of this verse and how important of a role being a husband and wife is to one another. Wives voluntarily submit to your husbands; husbands serve your wives and give everything to ensure they're safe and provided for. What a wonderful experience we're about to embark on! How awesome is it to have someone's unconditional love and support?

Spending time together each week to reflect on our relationship, and our relationship with God, has truly been a highlight the last few weeks (minus a few akward "sex" talks). This fall, we plan to join a couple's bible study so we can further devote this time to one another.

The future holds some good things for the new Mr. and Mrs.
Last week, a good friend of mine had her first baby. Listening to her experience being a first-time mom makes me so excited for the many chapters ahead we'll have. Here's to soaking up every single one of them!

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