Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dreaming of the Future

Andi's still traveling for work this week, so I spent the evening with his mom and dad. First, we went to Let's Dish to for our monthly make & take meal night. Afterwards, we went to dinner and than back to their house to check out Jim's ever-expanding backyard garden. New this summer - a row of asparagus plants which join the already growing brocolli, rubarb, beans, sprouts and spinach.

For Father's Day, Janie gave Jim a pear tree for the backyard. He was proudly showing off his new tree and said the sweetest thing. "Heather, someday I just imagine my little grandkids calling me up to say 'Grandpa, can I come over to help you pick pears from the tree?" Hearing him say that melted my heart! Jim - I'm looking forward to that moment too.

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