Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hair Do. What to do?

The wedding is only 50 days away!
I've been getting really excited for the wedding. I think it's because the bachelorette party and bridal showers are coming up soon ... it's reminding me the day's almost here.

Yesterday, I went to get my hair cut and talked with my sytlist about various hair do's for the wedding day. Since I'm not having a veil with my wedding dress ... and I have short hair ... there's only so many options for my hair. This is the only thing that's stressing me out a bit - I really want it to be something that's comfortable and cute and something that looks prettier than everyday ... and it has to be a style that lasts all day long! (the wedding is at 6pm and outside)!
Here's what I'm thinking:

A sparkly diamond headband
A sparkly diamond hair clip

Or a sparkly diamond clip farther back behind the ear.
(My hair style is more like Rhianna's below ... so imagine a flower or a diamond clip behind her right ear as if it's holding the hair back behind her ear).

By the way, I'm hoping Andi gets me some bling diamond earings like Rhianna's ... cuz that would REALLY pull the look together!

Anyway, I'm leaning toward the last one, but I can't seem to find a picture of what my hairstyle would look like.

So, this weekend, I'm going to visit some shops like Claires, Charlette Russe, and Forever 21 to see if there's a few different hair pieces I can find that are cheap. I'll let you know what I find ...

OK, on to other things...
More wedding details finalized today. I booked a restaurant for our dinner following the ceremony. It's at NorthCoast Restaurant in downtown Wayzata, MN. Right on Lake Minnetonka and not far from Noerenberg Gardens (where we're having the ceremony).

Click here to visit North Coast's website to see the view

Click here to see the room I reserved for the dinner

The room overlooks the water and perfectly fits our wedding party of 15. It'll be great!

I also booked salon appointments for Andi's mom, Janie, and sister, Lindsay. I was hoping for a "all girls get together" but my sister and mom don't want to get their hair I'm not sure that'll happen as I envision. Maybe they can come and watch? We'll see...

I also called Ivy Spa today to book mani / pedi appointments for the morning of the wedding. I'm a little nervous to get a manicure the day of the wedding in case it looks crappy (they always glob on the nail polish which I don't particularly prefer). But I figure a nice polishing of cuticles and moisturizing can't hurt. Lindsay and Janie are in for spa appointments too, but I don't think my sister and mom will be. So, I'm not going to tell them ... just book it and take them anyway :) My wedding day, right?

I just received my bridal shower dresses in the mail today, so I'll try them on tonight and post pics later for you all to see....


  1. I really like the last pic of the hair too. Looks the most like you, I think. :) Can't wait to see pictures of you on your wedding day! You are going to be a beautiful bride.


  2. i've heard that from a few of you ... and i agree as well. i think i'll bring in a few different options so my hair stylist and i can plan around with that overall look.