Saturday, June 13, 2009

Great Day with My Honey

Today was the first day I've seen Andi in two weeks. He's been working on an annual photo shoot for one of his advertising clients in the Northern portion of the state, with little availability for phone or email contact. So, we were finally able to catch up on this gorgeous Saturday!

First, we went to breakfast in St. Paul's Grand Ave area. We discussed some details of our wedding including the day's timeline and reviewed the October reception guest list.
This is Andi enjoying his morning coffee at Coffee News Cafe ...
And me enjoying the morning outdoors ...
This is a hippie lady who was also at the Cafe. SUPER decked out in bike gear. She takes her biking SERIOUSLY. Just thought it was funny, so I had to post ... (sorry lady if you didn't want your picture taken)

Down the street from Coffee News Cafe, we noticed a bunch of funny t-shirts outside a store. Andi liked this one... (I'd have to agree - St. Paul IS where it's at)
Then I saw this Pad Thai Restaurant ... which reminded me, we HAVE to practice eating Thai food before our honeymoon. A small attempt to learn the culture can't hurt as we submerge ourselves into another country far, far away from here. Mental note: come back to this restaurant to give it a try ...

Next, we went shopping down the street at Patagonia and J Crew (where I returned 2 of the bridal shower dresses I'd ordered online earlier this week).

Andi being conspicuous at Patagonia....

Next, we hoped into the car and ventured to the jewerly store to pick up Andi's wedding ring. I am so happy with the jewerly store we chose to purchase our wedding rings. They are so friendly - but not in a "I'm going to kiss your behind because I want to charge you five times as much as this piece of jewerly is worth" way ... more of a "let me shoot you straight" way. A girl like me always appreciates that.

The ring Andi chose is simple and elegant. A brushed silver 5mm band.
(I didn't take a photo of Andi's actual ring, but Googled one similar so you could see what it looks like)
After the jewerly store, we drove to Lake Minnetonka to meet up with our friend's Nick, Julie and their 2 year old son Joel. We had the best time at the lake together! Here are a few snapshots of our time on the boat. (Notice little Joel stealing the show - he's such a doll)!

We have such a great time at the lake. It's one of our favorite places to spend time together.
While we were by the lake, we also stopped by Noerenberg Gardens to take another look at our wedding site. It's going to be fabulous!

Check out this pic of the Colonnade site where we are having our ceremony. The minute I stepped into the circle, my heart skipped a beat. I can't believe I'll be getting married there in 48 days!

There was another wedding taking place at the Gardens this afternoon. Like creepers, we took a few photos of their wedding party ... just to see what it'd look like on our day. Although we're not getting married in the boat house (unless it rains) we might take a few photos in there as well.

Finally tonight, on the way home from the lake, Andi and I stopped at the mall to scout a wedding outfit for him. We stopped at Express and found an amazing suit for him to wear. Originally, he'd planned to wear khaki pants, a button up shirt and flip flops (because he's always wanted to wear flips at his wedding), but I mentioned how hansome he'd look in a casual summer suit instead. (I'd really kick it up a knotch, you know?) As soon as I saw him walk out of the dressing room, my heart melted. He looks amazing in this suit and I think it'll be perfect for the wedding.

Here's a pic of the suit he purchased...sort of hard to tell here, but it's gray pinstripe

Today was a perfect summer day. Ultra-productive. Lots of wedding to-do's checked off the list. Time at the lake with friends - always a wonderful way to spend a summer day. QT with my love - what more could a girl ask for?

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