Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday. Another great day at the lake! Andi and I stopped out there after church to meet up with a few of his friends. It was the first day this summer that was truly hot - the kind of day where you're so hot you just want to jump in the lake (and it actually feels good v. freezing!).

Andi owns our boat with two friends, Pat and Brian, and the guys take turns using it. (Which works out well since we're almost always out there together anyway). Today, Pat brought along two of his friends, Michael and Harper. Michael is quite the character - one of those people who's the center of attention wherever he goes. Check out his attire for the day ...

You know the boys were gearing up for fun when they show up with a jug of vodka, 2 cases of beer and a speedo!
This is Michael wakesurfing to Madonna's Like a Prayer and showing off his Speedo moves. (We attrached quite a few looks from passing boats)!

Here's some more pics from the day:
Andi driving the boat ...

The boys hanging out on the boat ...
Andi wakesurfing ...
Before all the boys arrived, Andi gave me a quick lesson in boat driving. I learned how to:
- back the boat out of our slip
- drive through a channel
- pull a wakeboarder (for pretend .. there wasn't actually anyone behind the boat)
- pull a wakesurfer
- make a button-hook (a type of turn best for wakeboarding)
- make a double-up (another type of turn - best of tight situations)
- pick up someone on the dock (this one was tricky ... after about 3 attempts, I had to scoot over and let Andi do it)

There's a lot more to driving a boat than you'd think! I was suprised. But like learning to drive a car, I think it'd come easier after a some practice. (Obviously, as Andi can drive and text from the glove box at the same time :)

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