Tuesday, February 16, 2010

7 Quick Takes - Florida Style

ONE Not that I'm complaining, but it would have been nice if it was a smidge bit warmer during my time in Florida this week. I thought 50 and sun was nice until I saw the weather report for this weekend -- 70's and sun sounds so much better.

TWO In other news, I had a great meeting with our sustainability manager today and our presentation went very well. Had a chance to tour around University of South Florida as well. Always nice to see other accounts and gain inspiration from other marketing managers. Tomorrow's another presentation, this time about marketing. I've given this presentation a few gazillion times so should be no sweat.

THREE The 'healthy eating' notion went OK today. I didn't drink as much water I as I hoped (only 1 water bottle's worth) and had more caffeine than probably necessary but needed it to keep me energized throughout the presentation! Ate a piece of toast for breakfast and some fruit, a salad for lunch and a quesadilla for dinner. Could have done better; could have been worse. There's always tomorrow.

FOUR Thinking about starting to work out again (don't tell Andi!). Can't decide whether joining a gym would be beneficial (would I really go?). Maybe it'd be worth it just for yoga. Or maybe I'll just buy some sessions at a yoga studio and skip the gym all together. Too much processing ... a decision for another day.

FIVE Still not digging the Olympics (sorry Linds). Is it over yet? I feel like I'm left out of the secret that is the Olympics. That's all people are talking about; all that's in the newspapers, tv, etc. Did I just miss something? Can't catch the spirit of it all, I guess.

SIX Thank the Lord for my sweet-talkin' husband!! Found out today he's secured a free pontoon for us to use this summer. Now to find a cabin to rent for the summer months and we'll be set! Our last summer (hopefully!) without a kiddo will be one to remember. Mark your calendars now to come visit us in Minnesota!

SEVEN What are you giving up for Lent? I'm not Catholic, so I never really give up anything but always think it's interesting to see what pledges people decide to make. I saw on another blog today that someone was giving up blogging which suprised me. I've become pretty addicted to sharing my thoughts with all of you...not sure if I could do it. Anyone else giving up someting interesting?

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  1. I had the same experience in California last week - it was sunny, but colder than normal when I was there and then the temps were in the 70s starting the day we left. BOO.