Saturday, February 6, 2010

Running out of time

I may be a little bit screwed when it comes to planning this Valentine's Day. For these reasons I've neglected to devote any time or thought to the holiday this year:

1) Andi has to work on Valentine's Day at one of the pond hockey tournament he's producing (um, are those over yet?) so he arranged it so we could spend time together on my birthday - the day before Valentine's Day (because, uh, that's not optional). Because it's my birthday and I'm sliding all planning responsibilites over to him, I haven't even thought about how we'll celebrate Valentine's Day. Will it be part of my birthday celebration? Eh, that kinda stinks but there's really no other option.

2) I decided a few weeks ago that Andi really deserved a massage for Valentine's Day. He's been working like 76 million days straight and doing quite a bit of manual labor for these pond hockey tournaments every weekend. A relaxing, soothing massage = perfect gift. I suggested we do this on my birthday and that'd really kill two birds with one stone for celebrating and gift giving. Except he won't confirm if we're really going there on my birthday making it absolutely impossible for me to rely on that as a gift giving opportunity. When I ask him about it, he acts all coy-like and says I better come up with another idea.

So this brings me to you. Have any great gift giving ideas for me for Valentine's Day?

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