Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Yesterday, while Andi and I were out celebrating my birthday, we saw someone selling 'Valintimes Day' gifts on top of their van in Minneapolis. It doesn't get much better than this. 

What did we do exactly for my birthday / Valentine's Day celebration?
We woke up early and went to breakfast at Porter & Frye's Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. Then Andi treated us to massages and a morning of relaxation at Ivy Spa. I had the most amazing massage then we laid around the whirpool and read books and relaxed in the sauna.

As part of Valentine's Day, I wanted to take pictures of things around town that spell our last name and frame the letters. So we spent all afternoon walking around Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods taking photos of letters in street signs, theatre marquees and Minnesota landmarks. For lunch, we stopped into a neopolitan pizza shop in Northeast Minneapolis, then got ice cream on St. Paul's Grand Ave. We had a great day spending time together laughing, smiling, holding hands and celebrating my birthday.

When it started to get dark, we stopped by Mississippi Market to grab some fresh produce and came home to make a steak dinner. I opened my birthday gifts from Andi - he was (as always) so generous!

Keen winter boots

Warm socks


... and stunning Oakley shades

Wonder what my birthday presents would be like if we live somewhere tropical???

I couldn't have asked for a better birthday celebration. A wonderful day with my husband = the perfect day to me. Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes!

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day AND happy b-day! Sounds like it was a good one:)