Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Currently in February

Current Books: I've fallen a bit behind on my Daily Bible the last week, but I'm pretty proud of myself overall for staying on top of this 2010 resolution. One of my spiritual goals has been to learn more about God and develop a deeper faith and I really think that's happening - which I'm super proud of myself for accomplishing. I can't believe how many instances there's been mention of something from the Bible in my daily life (whether at church or in conversation with others) and I've actually know what it referred to. The craziest part is, I never really noticed being out of the loop before. It's a wonderful feeling to strengthen my faith and love for the Lord.

Also purchased Taking Charge of Your Fertility this month. I warned Andi when I ordered it from that a book was arriving in the mail and he shouldn't have a heart attack when he saw the book title. "I'm only educating myself," I said, "don't worry!" Many eye rolls have ensued this month as I've read through the book but I've really enjoyed the content so far. I find the facts and overall information on reproductivity very interesting, but it's a little frustrating to read about charting your cycles without the use of birth control when I'm still on The Pill. I'm not at the point where I can implement what I'm learning. Self, have patience.

Current Playlist: I'm slow when it comes to music; I've mentioned this before and every month I'm reminded of this as I try to recount my current music playlist. I discovered the Avett Brothers recently which I really like. I also really like Michael Buble lately.

Current Guilty Pleasure:  We've had these iced Valentine's cookies at work the last few weeks and they were really good! This month I was also really craving chocolate everything (which is sooo unlike me)!

Current Color: Always my fav, black.

Current Drink: I've been making my own iced coffee at home with Starbucks VIA. Pretty tasty :)

Current Food: I'm really proud of Andi and I for eating more organic foods. It's not so difficult to purchase those types of foods now that we're shopping in the right places. My favorite food lately? KIND bars

Current Favorite Shows: Loving Big Love, CSI, 48 Hours Mystery, and of course How I Met Your Mother

Current Wishlist: Good thoughts to surround a few of my nearest and dearest - friend Julie on bedrest, wishing relaxation and a growing, healthy baby inside of her. Also for my two cousins - fertility and one who's already expecting.

Current Needs: To lose a few pounds and look smokin' in my bikini!

Current Triumphs: The national Earth Week programming I've worked on the last few months. We're ready to roll it out this week and it'll be very rewarding to see all our thoughts, ideas and hard work come to fruition.

Current Bane Of My Existence: The weather. Ready for springtime to arrive.

Current Celebrity Crush: I've had hair envy lately -- all celebrities with long, flowing locks

Current Indulgence: I had a few weekends at home lately. It's been nice to spend time cleaning my house or painting my fingernails. I'll take more of that anytime :)

Current Blessing: I'm really proud of Andi's work with his new company. I never doubted him for a moment, but I'm impressed with how successful he's become so quickly. We're truly blessed with God's good graces and I only pray the good work will continue.

Current Slang: I don't know ... I veto this one!

Current Outfit: Sweatpants and a long-sleeve tee. My fav.

Current Excitement: Andi's parents bought us John Mayer concert tickets for our birthdays. The concert's coming up on March 2. Can't wait for this date night w/ JM!

Current Mood: A little overwhelmed. Lots of projects my plate at work right now. Just need time to plug through 'em.

Current Link:  A neat store with lots of sustainable gift options and neat decorating stuff for home.

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