Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All the cool kids fly kites on Easter

I think one of the best things about getting married is discovering and adapting to new family traditions with your spouse. After being together for 4+ years, Andi and I are still learning about little ways our families celebrate together.

My mom is the queen of holidays. She never lets a special occasion pass without sending all of us kids a card in the mail. When we were little, she celebrated every single holiday with a special treat. We made May Day baskets, crafted handmade ornaments for our Christmas tree and made construction paper signs for our windows. Still to this day, she treats all of us (including our significant others) to Easter baskets and Christmas stockings with all of our favorite treats. I like how special she makes every celebration and those are the things I'll carry forward to my own future family.

So last weekend, I went to Target to buy Easter baskets for sister's kids. I spent nearly 2 hours walking the store, finding the perfect mix of toys and candy to fill their baskets. When I brought all the goodies home, I showed Andi the kites I bought for their baskets. He looked at me like I was crazy. Apparently he never flew kites as a kid. Really? We always got kites from the Easter bunny and I have so many happy memories of all of us grandkids flying them on Easter Day. This is one holiday tradition he's gonna have to jump on board with.

I'm looking forward to doing an Easter Egg Hunt with my little niece Bookie too. We did one last year, but she was a little too young to understand what to do. Check out these photos my sister took of her coloring Easter eggs the other day. She just melts my heart!

I can't wait to start our own little family someday and share holiday traditions with my little ones.

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