Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maui: Day 2

We're adjusting to Aloha life just fine with lots of fruity cocktails and beachside naps to take us right into vacation mode.

Last night we ate dinner at Sansei - a renown sushi restaurant in the US. It was amazing! The reservation list was far too long so we risked it by showing up and asking to be put on the waiting list. Turned out, there was 2 spots open at the sushi bar so we filled our bellies with hot sake and yummy sushi rolls. Awesome experience!

Today we hopped in the car toward Wailea, just about 45 minutes away from our hotel/side of the island. We stopped at a scenic overlook and watched a few whales in the ocean. So serene and beautiful.

First, we stopped at Wailea Beach - which our Maui Revealed guidebook said was a 'real gem!' The beach was perfect and my favorite so far. Soft, sandy beach and lots of sunshine. We lounged around through most of the morning and read books by the water. 

For lunch, we stopped by a roadside hot dog stand and ate true Hawaiian Dogs with all the fixin's.  Tasted much like a Fairbury Brand hot dog for me -- shout out for all my Nebraska friends!

Then we cruised down the road to Makena Beach, the biggest undeveloped beach on the island. Andi loved this one because it felt so untouched - there was definitely a lot of people watching at this one. 

Although, I really wouldn't know .... I slept most of the time!

Here's a few more photos of our trip ...

Another adventure awaits .... until tomorrow!


  1. I was complaining at work about how jealous I am of your trip. Mary said, "Don't worry. As soon as they have kids they'll be jealous of you and your free time. Tell them they might want to live closer to Grandma and Grandpa Dickson."

  2. Sounds AMAZING!! I wish we were there with you :) Just to feel the warm sun on your skin again must be a great feeling : )