Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maui: Day 1

Well, we made it to Maui! After a full day of planes, trains and automobiles yesterday, we arrived into Lahaina at around 10pm local time last night (which, for those of you counting, was 3am Minneapolis time). We'd been traveling for nearly 24 hours and were both absolutely exhausted. Originally, we had a long lay over in LA so we rented a car and had planned for Andi to show me around Huntington Beach (where he used to live right before we started dating) but just as we were boarding our flight to LA the airline attendant called for 2 volunteers to give up their seats in exchange for $800 in travel vouchers. We OF COURSE volunteered and were rebooked onto a later flight directly into Honolulu. It turned out to be a sweet deal for us - we arrived into Maui 20 minutes before our original flight would have gotten us there and made out with $800 to use for a future trip somewhere. Nice!

Unfortunately, my cold is still hanging on. I felt horrible for the girl who sat next to me on the 8 hour flight. I tried my best to cover my mouth and blow my nose in the bathroom but it wasn't always the easiest. I'm pretty sure she and her travel companion were on their honeymoon too. Eek. Sorry. Today I woke up feeling much better though so I think I should be in the clear by tomorrow.

Me mid-day traveling

After a long day traveling, I'm exhausted!

We're staying at the Hyatt Regency in Lahaina. It's the kind of place you get lost trying to find the elevator, it's huge and very different than the places we usually stay. I think we'll have a great time here. There's a beautiful pool area and access to the ocean where we lounged around most of today.


Tonight we're heading out to dinner and to check out the town. More adventures to come!

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