Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chloe & Hank

My friend Val and I took our puppies for a walk today at Minnehaha Falls. I was a little nervous to take Chloe and Hank (Val's German Shepard Mix) for a walk together. Let's face it, Chloe doesn't always like to play nice. But I am very happy to report (and very suprised!) that both Chloe and Hank had a fantastic time!

I actually think Hank was good for Chloe. She wasn't so distracted or threatened by other dogs and calmly walked next to Hank throughout the busy park. Usually, we'd have to cinch Chloe up pretty tight and steer clear of any other dogs because she growls as they pass by. But with Hank by her side, she seemed to forget there were other dogs around. Chloe was more interested in sniffing the things Hank sniffed and smelling new, interesting things in the park.

Today's walk with Chloe and Hank was a great success! Good thing too ... we have many more walks in our future this spring/summer!

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