Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Signs spring is here!

It's amazing how much sunshine and warm air affect my enthusiasm for completing everyday tasks around the house. On Sunday, Andi and I cleaned out the garage together. That's always a disgusting job because it gets so dirty over the winter. Plus when it's freezing outside, junk accumulates all over the place. Last fall, a few beverages in our garage beer fridge froze and exploded and neither of us really wanted to clean all that mess out when it was so cold outside, so I finally tackled that project on Sunday as well. All clean now and ready for summer!

We also purchased herbs to grow this summer. I bought a few pots and already planted a few - Sage, Thyme and Parsley. They're going to look so cute by the kitchen window when they're all grown.

We've been taking Chloe on at least 1 walk a day lately and you can see how excited she is too. Yesterday, she looked so cute as she watched out the door as people walked by with their pets. This photo just melts my heart!

My tulips are already starting to come up in the front yard! I'm so excited for them to sprout. I think this fall I'm going to add some daffodils to the backyard as well.

Spring is here! Hooray!

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