Thursday, March 25, 2010

Late Night Secrets

Well, our vacation is officially over. Andi and I went back to work today and man, was it tough! An official sign I'm getting OLD - time changes are really starting to affect me. My sleeping schedule was screwed for a week when we got back from Thailand in August. Understandably so, that was a 12 hour time difference - training yourself to sleep at the opposite time and then back again 2 weeks later wasn't easy. However a 5 hour time difference from Hawaii to Minnesota shouldn't be that difficult. And yet, I had to draaaag myself out of bed this morning and here I sit, typing away on the computer, at 1AM. Sigh...

While I've been awake, I made these discoveries:
  • Oprah replays at 1AM. Score!
  • Carlson Daly still has a late night show. For real?
  • I'm astonished at the people still AWAKE and on Facebook at this hour. Wow - how to do you all function?!?!
  • My Chloe girl is the best snuggle buddy ... even in the wee hours of the morning.
  • Thanks to Coborn's, I just did all my grocery shopping at 1AM - how awesome is that?
Well, I'm signing off now. I.MUST.GET.SOME.SHUT.EYE.

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