Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ode to Nebraska, among other things

Girls just aren't meant to wait. But alas, here I sit waiting for my husband to get home from work so we can go see John Mayer in concert tonight!!! I had hoped we could do dinner and drinks beforehand, but since the concert starts in an hour ... .I'm guess there will be no time. Guess he'll owe me a cocktail or two at the concert. Anyway ...

I mentioned on Friday that my friend Laura nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger award. Not sure what this mean exactly ... never won one of these before! ... but I think the rules suggest I write 7 interesting facts about myself and then nominate 7 other bloggers.

Since I LOOOVE this kind of thing, I must abide. Here I go:

ONE: I was born on Friday the 13th of February. Sounds creepy but I'm not at all dark or demented. So I think I turned out OK despite being born on a day so full of superstition. A fun fact about the day I was born - I was born in Nebraska and my mom says it was 80 degrees that day. 80 degrees? In February? It's safe to say that has got to be some sort of record or something and she swears it's true. I bet people thought the sky was falling that day. Friday the 13th/80 degrees in February/in Nebraska...whaaat?
TWO: I still sleep with my childhood blankie. Stop laughing. I need it in my life. My sister has one too and we both 'soakie' the corners of our blankets as a comfort mechanism. Andi doesn't love it, but he tolerates it. It's pretty much a make-or-break requirement for me. Funny thing, (that's actually kind of creepy now that I type this) I had an old boyfriend who would soakie it too. Bet he was pretty sad to see my blankie go when I moved out. Sorry!
THREE: I've been 99% vegetarian for the last 4 months. I say 99% because I've fallen off the wagon to have an occasional cheeseburger from The Nook but mostly, I've been committed to eliminating meat from my diet or only eating meat that has been grown sustainably and processed humanely. I feel better about myself for this fact.
FOUR: My mom calls me Chrissy. It's short for my middle name Christine.
FIVE: My most elaborate scheme as a kid happened when I was about 11 years old. My sister and I stayed home by ourselves in the summertime, while my little brother (who was a baby) went to daycare. We weren't allowed to play outside until my dad got home so we'd watch out the window as all the other kids played in the neighborhood. It was torture, I tell ya. My mom would call home everyday from work to check on us and relay chores that need to be done. One day I decided I'd had enough. I set my brother's baby monitor next to the phone and took the other receiver outside to play. When the phone rang, I'd run inside to answer my mom's call (note: this was before cordless phones. Either that, or we didn't have one). This plan worked for about a week until one day I brought a loaf of bread over to my neighbor's house to make sandwiches for lunch. When she brought the bread back later than evening, my dad answered the door and was a little confused why she was delivering us bread. I was busted and got the worst punishment I can ever remember -- I was grounded to my room for the rest of the summer for lying to my parents.

I hold this memory as A) the most brainiac scheme I ever devised. I'm secretly proud of myself and B) still angry at myself, 18 years later, for getting caught and wasting the rest of my summer. Dang.
SIX: I secretly love the smell of burnt skin from tanning. Oh, stop. It's not that gross! I started working at a tanning salon when I was 15 and managed one all through college. Some of the best memories EVER. I'm not disgustingly tan or anything .. but it's truly my happy place when I'm laying in a tanning bed. Ahhh...
SEVEN: I love Nebraska and I'm convinced you have to be from there to appreciate it. On a monthly basis, maybe more, I recite a memory or event that takes place back home and Andi stares at me like I'm from Planet Mars. Just this weekend I was telling him about Nebraska folks' love for forced meats. Seriously do you know anyone from Nebraska that doesn't love a good deer jerkey or salami? I thought not. (You can't tell, but I'm chest-pounding myself right now. Nebraska-bred and proud of it)!
OK, now to nominate .... Not sure I can come up with 7 other bloggers but here's a few of my favorites. I nominate the following as Beautiful Bloggers:


  1. So I have a piece of my childhood blanket that I sleep with. The rest of the blanket is stored away. A. HATES HATES HATES it with a passion and threatens to throw it away if it touches him. Consequently, I must smother the urge to rub it on his face almost every night.

    What is this 'soakie' thing? I did pointies, which meant folding the corner into a point and then flicking the pointy end. I just found it all creepy to type out what a pointie meant.

    Also - WOW to 99% veg and I also like your monitor naughtiness.

  2. Aren't you sweet? Thank you!

    Happy belated birthday, lady!

  3. Laura - A pointe sounds like it's the same thing as soakie-ing. Love that you still have yours too :)