Friday, March 19, 2010

Maui: Day 3

We had an awesome day in Maui.

Andi and I spent much of the day driving the Northwest coast of the island from Lahaina through Wailuku and back. We drove along the narrow, winding road and stopped along the way to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. Lots of lush green plants, sweeping views of the ocean and waterfalls. There's really nothing like driving along with the convertible top down, listening to tunes and laughing all the way. It was by far the best day we've had on the island; so great to spend a day with no one but my husband and the open road. Here's a few photos from our road trip:

After our road trip, we came back to the hotel to change and meet the Hula Girl for a sunset boat cruise. Andi and I were both a little apprehensive about going on the boat ride -- we usually don't like to do the typical touristy-type stuff and be lumped in with dozens of other people -- but we took a gamble and booked an evening cruise to go whale watching. I am so happy we did! We had a fantastic time.

The Hula Girl is a catamaran with a few crew members on board. As soon as we got on the boat, the cocktails started flowing and the chef started to prepare dinner selections of our choice. I ordered blackened ahi tuna; Andi got blackened swordfish; by far the best meal we've had on the island thus far. During the 2 hour ride, we saw several mama whales and their babies about 100 yards away from the boat. It was amazing to see how graceful and huge they were!

Nothing more romantic than watching the sunset from the ocean. We had the perfect evening!

Tomorrow, we're getting up bright and early (meeting a group at 3:30am!) for a downhill mountain biking adventure. We're driving up to the top of a volcano and watching the sunrise at the summit, then biking down 27 miles to the bottom. Should be an adventure for sure!

Mahalo until tomorrow!

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