Thursday, February 10, 2011

Get with the times

I never claimed to be "in" with the fashion world. In fact lately, I feel like it takes me a few months (or YEARS) to catch up to what those crazy young kids are wearing these days.

I refused to jump on the jegging bandwagon until a few months ago, and was a little disappointed with myself when I finally bought a pair from Gap which are now my FAVORITE PANTS OF ALL TIME. They're so comfortable and stretchy and make me look skinny and never get dirty from Minnesota winters because they're tucked safely inside my boots. Seriously, I wish someone would've grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me a long time ago. Skinny jeans ROCK. Too bad it took me forever to get with the program and now this particular pair only comes in sizes 0, 2, and 18. Okay, then.

So, last week I was doing a little online shopping for our upcoming trip to SoCal. I decided I deserved a little retail therapy because A) we're going on vacation and it's always more fun to wear something new and B) it's my birthday week and that alone equals a free pass for guilt-free shopping. The problem is, I can't buy pants in my regular size anymore because this little bean inside of me is causing my waist to expand more than you'd think. While I can still wear my Gap skinny jeans TODAY, I won't be able to wear them TOMORROW or for another 6-10 months. No need to waste my money there.

I noticed Victoria's Secret was having a sale on leggings and tunics and thought I'd give them a shot. Now leggings - whoa - very WITH THE TIMES. I mean, my college interns wear leggings. Could I really pull this off? I'm going to be 30 on Sunday after all. But the sale persuaded me and I bought 2 pairs.

You guys, let me tell you that leggings ROCK! They will officially be my pant of choice for the remainder of this pregnancy. How awesome are pants with an elastic waist? It's like wearing shoes with Velcro, if shoes with Velcro suddenly because cool and hip.

I bought a couple of the tunics shown in the picture above and they're really cute too. Plus, the ruching on the sides gives me a little extra room to grow in the tummy area.

Watch out world, it's 2011 and I'm finally with the program.


  1. I know all the young teachers at school wear them. They always look VERY cute. I need to jump on the bandwagon but still am a bit nervous. I guess everyone else is so I might as well too!

    I am going to have to check out Victoria Secret. . .

  2. After buying multiple pairs of leggings, I found that my favs come from Kohl's. Very reasonably priced at $8.99, I think i've bought almost every color :)!

  3. I am so jealous of leggings. Even at my skinniest, I still have turkey drumstick legs. No skinny jeans or leggings for me!

    Do you have a bella band or a belly belt? All of my friends swear by them - one friend was able to wear all her pre-baby jeans up to her 3rd trimester!

  4. I have a belly band and it works pretty well. I haven't had to use it on my jeans yet (only work pants) but I'm hoping it gets my by because maternity pants are NOT working at this stage in the game :)