Monday, February 28, 2011

Hockey Tourney

Andi's company produced a global hockey tournament for the second year, and hosted the finale event on Saturday in the Twin Cities. My poor husband was put through the ringer with a February thaw, which then turned to freezing temperatures; melting ice advisories on local ponds to a storm that dumped 14 inches of snow last week. Welcome to winter in the Mid-West, right? Because of all of this, he moved the event last minute to a refrigerated ice rink (which happened to be right by our house, so no complaining from the wife)!

Saturday, a group of us girls went out to dinner before and then to the final championship hockey game. It was COLD Saturday - about 7 degrees by the time we got to the outdoor rink and we were dressed for it!   

The boys called us the "Real Housewives of Open Ice" - gracefully showing up at the last minute for the good part :) The final game was between a team from Finland and another from the USA. USA won!

Luckily, the game only lasted an hour, followed by a quick awards ceremony. Did I mention how COLD it was? 

We made our way to the after-party a little later in the evening. I was SO PROUD of myself for going out on a Saturday night and until 1:00am, no doubt. I think Andi was surprised too. He kept asking me, "are you really coming to the party?" Although, I politely made my exit when the fog machine started and all the bumping and grinding ensued. My friend Ellie asked if Baby Dick likes to dance. Eh, nope, and neither does its mom. 

Also SO PROUD of my husband for pulling off another successful event. He makes it look so easy! 

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