Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Break: Booked!

We've had a March vacation on our radar for a few months now. Spring Break's a good week for me to take time off work for obvious reasons working at a University campus. It's also a nice chance to take time away and not be sucker-punched with massive amounts of work when I return because almost everyone else has been on vacation as well. Additionally, I'm forced to take a vacation day on the Friday of Spring Break because it's a University holiday (I say "forced" because while I technically don't work for the University, I work at a University and my company mandates we take a vacation day when the campus is closed). So! Thus all the planning for a little get-away in March.

During our December Europe trip, Andi and I were being all whiny about our decision to take a vacation to somewhere cold and wintery during our already cold and wintery Minnesota season. We vowed then we'd go somewhere warm for my birthday in February (which we sort of did by visiting Southern California) and also planned to take a big trip in March. Andi's had his heart set on Nicaragua for a while now. A friend of his traveled there last year he's had it on his "must see" travel list ever since. Nicaragua's suppose to be the new Costa Rica - less developed and commercialized, tropical and inexpensive. I was all in at the time, except the more I thought about it, the more I wondered if traveling to a third world country while 17 weeks pregnant was such a good idea.

After writing about the topic here on my Baby Blog this week, my nerves were calmed and I was more confident than ever the trip would be a fun and safe one.  Andi had done his own research on the message boards at We compared our notes and made a decision. We're going to Walker, Minnesota.

Eh? Say what?

Yep, we decided to stay closer to home. Truthfully, our final decision had nothing to do with the baby or traveling internationally. Part of it was finding a sweet travel deal (and waiting until three weeks before our trip to book didn't prove successful this time) and part of it was this weird consensus we both came to about our trip.

A few months ago, Andi bought a Groupon for a weekend stay at Chase on the Lake in Walker. The package included two night's stay at the Northern Minnesota resort and a day of snowmobiling. I'm obviously not that crazy about snowmobiling at 17 weeks pregnant, so Andi called the resort and traded the deal for an upgraded suite and spa package. I really think this all sounds lovely. We still get a mini getaway together and best of all, we get to bring Chloe along. If the weather's warm, we can take walks by Leech Lake and if it's still snowy, we'll go snowshoeing and spend our time at the spa.

I do appreciate all your comments and suggestions about traveling pre-baby and I think we're doing just that; spending time together as a couple before our little one arrives. I'm looking forward to our trip!

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