Sunday, February 20, 2011

Girls Weekend

Our weekend girls trip to Des Moines was shortened to "Girl's Day" due to the giant snow storm embarking on Minnesota today. I'm excited we were still able to squeeze in our trip on Saturday and even more thankful we decided to leave before the big storm hit today. So far, we've only had a few inches in St. Paul. The forecast is calling for 10-14 inches in the Twin Cities by the end of the day. Ugh.

Our back door
Think I need a house with better insulation

Yesterday morning, I swung by my friend Val's house to pick up her and her little son Kasen. Before we left, we treated ourselves to "mommy coffees" at Caribou (no dairy for her and no caffeine for me). We drove 3 1/2 hours south to meet Ashley, my childhood best friend and Val's college friend from Nebraska.

We arrived in Des Moines around Noon and met for lunch at On the Border restaurant. Val also invited one of her childhood friends who lives in Des Moines and she brought along her 5 week-old son. I had to laugh; there were 2 car seats at our table with two little babies. Our teenage male waiter was overwhelmed to say the least!

After lunch, we shopped at the Jordan Creek Mall for the afternoon. Ashley and Val shopped the non-preggo stores and I was lucky enough to push baby Kasen in the stroller. We also went to GAP Maternity and I bought a pair of maternity black work pants and a few long-sleeve shirts to add to my wardrobe. Our last stop was in Buckle where Val wanted to try on some jeans. We felt so OLD there! Val accidently ran over some teenie-bobber's heel with the stroller and the look on that girl's face was priceless. Let's just say I don't think they get many strollers in that store. We had to laugh - what happen to us?
I have to say, it felt so nice to be around my best friends and in a place where I could talk openly about babies. I'm lucky to have a friend like Val who's just been through it all, and blessed to have a friend like Ashley who's excited to hear about it all.

We stopped for dinner before heading back on the road around 7:30pm. We pulled into the Twin Cities around 11:30pm last night. It was a long day of driving but completely worth it to spend time with my best girls. I hope we do it again soon ... and this time, I hope Mother Nature deals us a better hand.

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