Saturday, February 26, 2011

Taking Bacon Consumption from 0-60

I love sandwiches, but lately I've found it difficult to eat them because of this little peanut growing inside me. Did you know you aren't suppose to each lunchmeat while pregnant? I did, but never realized it'd be SUCH A BIG DEAL until I actually became preggo. I want a turkey sandwich more than caffeine or booze. More than chocolate or ibuprofen. I nearly threw myself in a tizzy the other day when I realized I couldn't satisfy my craving for a Rachel (that's a Reuben Sandwich made with turkey, for all you non-Minnesotans).

So! Why is this so important that I'm devoting an entire blog post to it? Well, the only sandwiches I have been able to eat for the last 14+ weeks is PB&J and BLTs. Hence what I'm about to tell you: you need to get a microwave bacon cooker. It's ah-mazing.

Let me throw out this disclaimer, Andi and I really like crispy bacon. But making bacon is so darn messy and smelly. Cooking it on the stove splatters grease all over the place and baking it in the oven not only takes forever, but it's messy too. Then my house reeks like bacon for 24+ hours and a few weeks ago I literally woke up gagging in the middle of the night because I could STILL smell it (I believe that was around Week 9 when pregnancy nausea was in full force).

Enter the bacon cooker. Andi ordered this handy tray from Amazon a few weeks ago and we've used it a bunch. The bacon cooker microwaves bacon in under 3 minutes. (Remember, I like it crispy. Probably less time depending how you like it). The best part is all the grease stays inside the tray groves and there's no smell. The tray washes up like a dream and you can even throw it in the dishwasher.

Maybe I'm the only one who had never heard of this little invention before. Or maybe I'm the only one who reserves bacon eating for the rare times my dad will make it for me (and then clean up all the mess). Since I'm 30 and my dad lives 7 hours away, it's nice to have another option for my BLT sandwiches, you know? I sure do.

The bacon cooker. Apparently, it doesn't take much to satisfy me these days.

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  1. I just wrote you a long comment that the internet swallowed, but the jist of it was, talk to your doctor about the lunch meat thing. The risk of listeria is soooooooooooo low that my doctor doesn't actually recommend avoiding lunch meats. Sometimes the internet overreacts.

    I lived on nothing but turkey sandwiches from Jimmy Johns for about two months when I actually couldn't eat anything else.

    It also said something about how much I miss bacon because this baby hasn't let me eat any in 8 months.

    Well gosh, this turned into a long comment too!