Friday, February 18, 2011


Our lovely, enjoyable spring weather has officially ended. It's 27 degrees today and feels more like 10 with the blustery wind. The last few days have been such a tease! It's been mostly sunny and high 40's all week which was such a nice change of pace. Chloe and I went on a walk every night after work and she was so excited to get outside and sniff and stretch her legs.

Mother Nature's now threatening to reek havoc on my weekend plans. My friend Val and I are planning to meet our girlfriend Ashley (who lives in Nebraska) in Des Moines tomorrow, which is basically the half way point between our two cities. It's the first time Ashley will meet Val's new baby boy and we all thought it'd be a great chance for quality some girl time. I'm so looking forward to it. I just hope the weather holds up. Sunday's forecast is calling for rain in Iowa, freezing rain in Southern Minnesota and snow in the Twin Cities. It makes me nervous to drive though ice and snow with such precious cargo in my car so I'm hoping for the best. They're saying double digit snow fall totals for the Twin Cities - for real?! I'm sooo ready for spring.

Otherwise, tonight I'm going to take it easy and spend time with my hubby. I'm thinking dinner in and lots of lounging. Happy weekend!

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