Thursday, December 10, 2009

Andi's big 2-9

Over the course of our relationship, Andi and I always book a vacation on our birthdays. It's a fun way to celebrate our special days together, explore a new place and get away from cold Minnesota in the winter months (his bday is in December; mine in February). This year, we talked about going to San Diego for Andi's birthday (which is coming up this weekend) but we disrupted our schedule by taking a surpise trip to New York City a few weekends ago.

So we've debated back and forth - do we go somewhere this weekend even though we just got back from a trip? Or, should we save some money and stay home for the very first time in our birthday history together? Unfortunately, I think the latter is winning...
I absolutely love birthdays so I want to do something special to celebrate his special day. After all, it's the last year he'll be in his 20's! Shouldn't we go out with a bang?! Or am I just looking for an excuse to celebrate ...

Here's a few ideas I came up with for the weekend - anyone have any other great date night / birthday ideas to share?
  • Wine tasting at Northern Vineyards in Stillwater
  • Go to his cousin's cabin in Alexandria for a weekend away
  • Spa day 
  • Dinner in downtown Minneapolis followed by the Holidazzle Parade 
  • Chinese takeout (Andi's fav), ice cream cake and a movie at home
  • Afton Alps snow tubing
  • Progressive dinner date - appetizers at one restaurant, dinner at a second, dessert at a third
None of these sound as great as laying on the beach in warm sunshine ... but I gotta come close. Help!

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