Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas 2009 - D Family (part 2)


We continued our Christmas celebration with Andi's family by going to church together on Sunday morning. Andi's parents attend a different church than we do, so it was special for Janie, Jim and Lindsay to attend our church service with us. After the service, we drove to Andi's parents' house for dinner and gifts. Here are a few snapshots of our present extravaganza!

Janie & Jim's Christmas Tree

Opening gifts

Santa brought Chloe a new collar

I got a new apron in my stocking!

Mmmm...Santa brought me Diet Coke too

Guess what Chloe got from Santa? A USPS outfit which matches Papa Jim's work uniform! Spoiler alert: Chloe's gonna be a mail-dog for Halloween!

Andi and I decided to split up our Christmas presents for each other - give half of them at his family's Christmas; half at my family's. I've been hinting around for months how much I wanted a new camera for Christmas. Sure, my camera takes photos okay ... but it also smells like fire and emits smoke when you use it! It's definintely time for a new one. I was so stoked to open a new Canon SD780 IS from Andi on Sunday!! We all know Andi's a tech guru and he did all the research to find the perfect camera for me. I can't wait to use it this week in Nebraska.

Lindsay got some new fancy boots

We gave Jim a new watch for Christmas. He'd been wearing the same one for about seventeen million years. He said he wanted a digital clock with leather band .. and it just so happens they don't really make those anymore! Andi had to research pretty hard to find the Timex watch we gave him. But he loved it - so it was completely worth it!

Janie got an Aveda book

Lindsay got a new camera too!

The last gift I opened was from Janie and Jim. I ripped open the heavy box and saw a new KitchenAid mixer! How exciting - it wasn't something I asked for because I know how expensive they can be, but something I've always wanted. Janie said she wanted me to have one so I can use it throughout the years and always remember receiving it the year we started our family. Ahh, how sweet is that?

Andi got a new drill

A tired little pooch after a long Christmas day
The forecast is calling for one heck of a storm Wednesday - Friday so here's hoping we don't get caught in it on our way to Nebraska!

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  1. Wow! Looks like a great Christmas, what a great idea to spend some time at each place : ) I am hoping the weather holds off until you get here, we are excited to see you both.