Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy 4 Years

The snow outside my window is a perfect reminder of four years ago today.  On that day, Andi and I officially became a couple. Our time together has been nothing short of adventurous and it started from the beginning....

In 2003, Andi and I met while we were both employed for the same company - I was based in the South Dakota/North Dakota market and he in Minnesota.  We quickly became friends until our friendship developed into feelings for one another in late 2005.  That December, we were at a Regional meeting in Chicago and planned to take a three-day cruise to the Bahamas after the meeting. The night before our flight out, the snow began to fall heavily in Chicago. We went to our work dinner before learning our outbound flight to Miami had been cancelled. But Andi the Hero packed up all our stuff, got us to the airport and pleaded with the airline worker to rebook us onto another flight. We made it to Miami - and ultimately onto our Bahamas cruise - that weekend. It was that morning in the Chicago airport that Andi asked me to be his girlfriend.

To my husband:
My life began on that day - December 9, 2005. You are my soulmate and my life partner. I can't believe how many things have changed in the last four years; and yet, not much is different at all. We have more stuff, more resonsibilities, more memories. But the simplicity of our love is still the same. We get along together. We belong together.

It's easy to take a love like ours for granted, easy to forget how wonderful it is inside the comforts of the life we've build together. And it's easy to forget how quickly it could all be gone. Our life will be full of ups and downs. There'll be challenges ahead and times when we do things that hurt one another. But somehow, I promise to fight the busy bustle of the world to cherish what is truly most important in my life - you.

As I watch the snow fall outside my window, it reminds me to be thankful. Thankful for a husband that loves me unconditionally; thankful for the way he makes me laugh and how he holds me when I cry. No one knows me better than you, and I'll spend the rest of my life showing you how very much you mean to me.

Here's to four years together and many more to come.
I love you.

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