Saturday, December 12, 2009

Marriage is the best reason to celebrate

Our wedding reception photos are finally here! I posted a few photos here and a few on Facebook so not to drive my frequent followers to tears of boredom with the never-ending slideshow that is Andi and Heather's life...

On that very, very cold day of October 10, we went to downtown Saint Paul's Rice Park to snap a few photos before the party. Andi and I are obsessed with photography and I would venture to guess we have waaayyy more photos of ourselves than most normal couples do. We take advantage whenever we can; these are a prime example. I think these photos turned out cute, but wish it wouldn't have been so frickin' cold that day! As smiley as we might look, we were absolutely miserable from the blistering wind.

Love this photo b/c it reminds me of my childhood ... and a tree in my grandpa's backyard

These photos were taken in a wine shop in Saint Paul. We stopped in and asked if we could snap a few photos.

We held our reception at 526 Gallery in Saint Paul. Since we had a small wedding ceremony in July with only our parents and siblings, this was a chance for us to share our wedding day with our friends and extended family. We displayed photos of our wedding day and served cocktails and desserts. Andi and I were so very thankful for all our friends and family who came to celebrate our marriage!


I love how candid our photos are of that night. When I look back at these images, I'm taken back to that night and how much excitement and energy filled the room. The perfect wedding photos in my opinion!

My dad & I

Andi's aunt and uncle Mike and Marilee, and Andi's dad Jim

The Flandrick's - Laura, Taylor, Mia, Kylie, Ellie and Shaun

Ellie, Andi's aunt Judy and his dad Jim

Claire and Mike

My mom & dad (next to their favorite piece of artwork!)

My cousin Jen & I
Andi and I were soooo honored Jen and Zach came up to Mpls to celebrate with us


A few people have asked me how I feel now all the excitement of the wedding's over. I can honestly say I'm happy. We had an amazing wedding and reception - exactly what we'd dreamed of - and now we're onto bigger, better things in life ... celebrating our marriage everyday and always.

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  1. They look great!! I thought of the same thing when I saw the picture of that tree : )