Monday, December 28, 2009

Annual Report

2009 has been a year to remember ... so I thought I'd do just that: reminisce all the great things we accomplished this year.

23rd - Andi proposed (finally!) in Duluth, MN. We drove up for a quick weekend away and stayed at the Beacon Point Inn, right on Lake Superior -- the very spot he asked me to be his wife. The next day, he treated me to a breakfast and a spa day.

29th - Embarked on our favorite trip to Panama. We traveled to Bocas del Toro, Boca Chica, Boquete and Panama City. It was our favorite trip (so far!). Can't wait to go back someday...

13th - My birthday! We hosted a little shindig at our house to celebrate. It got a little crazy when the sambuka shots started flying and my kitchen utensils were violated with a black magic marker. Thanks P2.

14th - We celebrated Valentine's Day by registering for wedding gitfts at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. Let's just say we were beyond exhausted by the time we finished. Then we settled in for a date night at home with dinner and a movie.

23rd - We started marriage classes in March to prepare for our upcoming wedding. Spending an hour or two at church talking about our relationship and our future together turned out to be one of our favorite things to do together.

27th - Andi went on a 'guy's weekend' ski trip to Vail, CO with some of his closest friends. Oh how life has changed in the last few years ... all the boys are growing up, getting married and having babies. Ahhh...
3rd - My best friend Ashley came to Minneapolis to scout out bachelorette party sites and do a little wedding planning. Ashley, Val and I had a great time shopping around St. Paul and catching up on girl talk.

12th - Happy Easter! We spend Easter 2009 in Nebraska with my family and were lucky enough to have Andi's parents, Janie and Jim, spend the holiday with us. Our seven hour car ride to Nebraska was definitely a memorable one (the mental image of Jim riding in the back seat without his shirt on comes to mind!). Overall, we had a great time as one big happy family.

17th - My little brother Adam graduated from high school in May. I'm 10 years older than he is, so times like this make me realize just how grown up we're all becoming. Andi and I drove down to Nebraska to celebrate with Adam and the family.

30th - My parents moved into a new house over Memorial Day weekend. Now that all their chicks have flown the coop (we'll the last little chickie is still hovering for now), they decided to downside to a smaller, more manageable duplex. Brookie had a blast in the new house, running from empty room to empty room.

20 - Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties for Andi and I. The boys went to Northern Wisconsin to a friend's cabin to do, well, the things boys do. My friends hosted a bridal shower for me at my friend Julie's house, followed by an evening of Girls Gone Camping in Lino Lakes, MN. While my bachelorette party may not have been as crazy as the boys', I had the perfect time hanging with my girls, drinking Pink Panty Pulldowns and laughing til the sun came up.

28th - My aunt Cheri and cousins Jen and Jes hosted a bridal shower for all my Nebraska friends and family. The party was held at the Black Crow which was a very fancy! We played games, ate gourmet desserts and opened presents.

4th - Andi and I celebrated Fourth of July in Brainerd, MN with Derrick & Ellie, Brian & Melissa and Adam & Jane. We had an absolute blast - boating on the lake, fishing, watching fireworks and cooking dinner in our luxury cabins. A definite must-do for 2010!

26th - Andi's family hosted a bridal shower at his cousin Laura's house. It was really fun to celebrate our upcoming wedding with Andi's family - just in time for Lindsay to make it home from Colorado!

31st - We're married! We had the most magical wedding day which took place at the Noerenberg Gardens in Wayzata, MN. Following by a dinner at Northcoast Restaurant.

2nd - ....and off to Thailand we went for our two-week honeymoon. Our honeymoon was more than we could have imagined as we visited Bancock, Phuket, Ko Samui and Ko Tao. Had Andi not come down with the worst bacteria infection known to man ... it would have been the perfect trip. (darn foreign country food/water).

15th - Andi's dream came to fruition in mid-August when he started his own advertising agency - Six Speed. What would prove to be tons (and tons!) of work, would also make him the happiest he's been in years. So proud of you honey!

12 - And so it begins ... the inaugrual University of Minnesota Gopher football season at TCF Bank Stadium which would, in fact, take over my entire life this fall. Coupled with fall opening on campus and Andi's new company Six Speed, we barely spent two minutes together in September.

10 - Andi and I hosted a wedding reception for all our family and friends in St. Paul, MN. We call that weekend "wedding carnage" -- it was so much fun to celebrate with everyone .... so much fun that we may have had a few too many cocktails to celebrate. Urgh. Definitely a night to remember!

24th - Andi and I went to Nebraska in late October to go to a Nebraska football game and spend time with our friends Ashley & Neal. We had a blast tailgating in the freezing weather, playing games and watching football with our friends Ash & Neal and Val & Brionn.

3rd - I had the opportunity to visit Charolettesville, VA for a sustainability meeting. Never has a work event changed my life more than those days. We had the chance to visit a compost site and local farm where we got up close and personal with a few four-legged heffers. Very cool!

20th - Andi suprised me with a long weekend trip to NYC. We've both been there for work, but never for play so we visited all the tourist-y sites and enjoyed spending some much-needed time together after a very busy fall season.

26th - Andi and I celebrated Thanksgiving in Minneapolis this year. Janie, Lindsay and I made the entire meal together.  We started some great family traditions with many more Turkey Day's to come!

12 - We spent Andi's birthday at home this year - a first for both of us in our time together. While we didn't visit an exotic country or sing Happy Birthday laying on a beach somewhere, we did celebrate by stuffing Andi full of crab legs (his favorite).

23 - Christmas in Nebraska this year! Despite treturous driving conditions, we made it safely to and from Nebraska to celebrate with our family. Like us, it sounds like just about everyone was snowed in for the Christmas Day blizzard of 2009.
2009 was a happy, memorable year for us ... here's hoping 2010 brings more of the same!

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