Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas 2009 - D-Family (part 1)

We're spending Christmas in Nebraska this year, so this weekend we celebrated with Andi's family here in Minneapolis. We had such a great weekend - Andi and I are truly blessed to have such loving parents and sister. 2009 was such a banner year for us - we took many great trips together, we got married, Andi started his new company, and the list goes on.... I think the older we get, the more we realize how fortunate we are to have a loving support system around us.

Our holiday celebration began Saturday with a progressive dinner at first Lindsay's, then our house. Lindsay made some yummy appetizers and served wine and beer. We talked and took a few pictures by the Christmas tree. It's neat to see Lindsay so grown up! Her house looks gorgeous, all decked out for the holidays. I couldn't help but think several times during the night about how special of a time this is in our life. In a few short years, we'll have a houseful of little ones, our life will become busier - I wanted to soak up this moment; my first Christmas as a member of Andi's family.

After appetizers, we drove down the street to our house for dinner. Andi and I decided to serve cheese fondue using our new fondue pot my cousin Jen and her husband Zach gave us as a wedding gift. We served various kinds of veggies, bread and steak to dip into the heaping pot 'o cheese - yum! For dessert, Janie brought over ice cream and fancy chocolates. We played games and just laughed and talked all night.

Loved decorating my table for Christmas!

Our Christmas tree (and the VERY glittery presents)

My hubby and I

Now we're just getting silly ...

After dinner, the cocktails were flowing and Andi decided to make White Russians for he and Lindsay. Andi made the drinks, gave one to Lindsay and after a few sips, pulled an ant out of his mouth! Gagh! It may have been a few months since we used the Kahlua. The bottle was full of about 30 dead ants swimming in a sea of liquor. Now I know the mental picture you have in your brain .. and no, our cabinet is no ant farm. The bottle had one of those pour spouts on it instead of a cap. Those smart little ants found there way into the way into the good stuff. Andi poured all the Kahlua out into a glass and this is what it looked like - ick!

More to come on Sunday's celebration ...

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