Friday, December 18, 2009

Asymmertrical Bob

A superficial debate taking place in my bubble lately? To cut my hair or grow it out. That is the question.
In the last year, I've gone from being the type of girl who NEVER cut her hair - always has long, straight hair - to cutting it chin length 6 months before my wedding. Now that my hair started to grow out, I really debated which style was a better fit for my personality and lifestyle.

And what did I decide?
I haven't had a chance to take a photo of my new 'do so I found this one online of an asymmetrical bob very similar to mine. Rhianna really rocks it, doesn't she?

I'm not exactly sure what I think about this new style. It's definitely more edgy than I've ever had before. Today at work, I wore a scarf around my neck because I wasn't completely sure I wanted to bare this daring new look to my sometimes judgemental co-workers. But I can't wear a scarf forever...
If I keep it, I think I just need to rock it. Be confident of my new style.

What do you think? Too crazy or is it cute?

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