Thursday, December 17, 2009

Twenty '10 To Do's

I've never been one to make New Year's resolutions. It just turns into one of those things you beat yourself up for later because you never achieved all the things on the list. But I do make goals for myself - about my relationships, my career, things I'd like to do or see. Here's a few of my 2010 to do's ...

1: Volunteer my time to help others.

2: Give more - make a list of organizations most important to us and donate time and/or money.

3: Pay off all our debt.

4: ... and then build on our nest egg.

5: Set a monthly giving goal for church and stick to it.

6: Landscape the side of our house.

7: Be asked to present at three sustainability conferences.

8: Spend 4th of July at the lake with friends.

9: Host the 2nd Annual Holiday Baking Party

10: Start taking pre-natal vitamins to not only prepare myself for the future conception of a baby ... but to have lush hair in the meantime!

11: Meditate in God's Word every day.

12: Go on one big vacation and three smaller weekend trips with Andi.

13: Go to a Husker game.

14: Visit my friend Melissa in South Dakota.

15: Spend the weekend in Chicago with Derrick & Ellie.

16: Join a Bible group.

17: Eat locally.

18: Reinstitute date nights with Andi.

19: Invite the neighbors to dinner.

20: Read at least six books.

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