Friday, January 29, 2010


I'm turning 29 in a few two weeks. You better believe I've been mulling over what I'd like to do on my special day for some time now. Here's what I'm thinking so far:

- Get a massage + facial at Ivy Spa in downtown Minneapolis
I'd like for Andi and I to do this together for our Valentine's Day celebration since Andi has a pond hockey tournament on VDay. This spa is awesome - they have a full whirlpool / lounge area, steam room, sauna, relaxation room and some of the best masseuses I've ever experienced. *Wink Wink Andi, book us some appointments!

- Watch a video compilation made just for me
I'm not sure what the video compilation should be of, maybe just photos of us or of our first 6 months being married. I feel like I'm wearing out our engagement video, wedding video and state fair video. Time for some new material.

- See a movie
There's a bunch of good flicks at the theatre lately. I wouldn't mind seeing Valentine's Day, Lovely Bones, Leap Year, When In Rome or New Moon. Maybe a matinee? One of the downsides about having a birthday the day before VDay is that all your typical 'date night' activities are packed around my birthday.

- Cook dinner together
Instead of going out and fighting all the crowds, I want to make dinner with Andi at home. Buy a locally grown steak, salad, and a vegetable and just relax together.

Maybe Andi already has something planned. And if he does, I'm sure whatever he comes up with will be perfect. These are just a few things that would make my day. Ultimately though, all I want to do is spend my birthday with my hubby.

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