Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hockey Tourney - Duluth

Today was our last day in Duluth and the second day of Andi's pond hockey tourney.  After the boys left at the wee hours of the morning to setup for the tournament, the girlfriends and I slept in, went to lunch at Pizza Luce and then headed to the site to check out the event.

I am so proud of Andi for pulling together such a cool tourney! Ten teams participated in the event and over 200 people stopped by to spectate. Two Duluth news crews were even there to cover it.
Here's a few photos from our day:

Twin Ponds Ice Rinks

Me - Bundled up for the freezing Minnesota outdoors

Andi & I (with the city of Duluth in the back drop)

Charlie - Andi's partner in the event
(next to the pimp event Ranger)

These are Charlie's boots. Think it was a little cold there?
Yep folks, that's ICE

Derrick & Ellie

Only six more weekends of tournaments for Andi ... which isn't so bad. By the time he's done with this event, it'll be spring!

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