Sunday, January 24, 2010

Currently in January

Hard to believe January's nearly over! Winter's flying by and I'm soooo glad.
Here we go ... currently in January:

Current Books: Still reading my Daily Bible (which has been a challenge in itself). Lately I'm so tired at night, it's taking a good self talkin' to in order to stay with this every night. But well worth it so far. I'm learning a lot about the history of Jesus and it makes me feel good to reflect in the Lord everyday. 

I also finished My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler this month. A funny book; very quick read. I was actually really suprised about all the drug use that she talks about in that book. Like it's the most popular thing happening in LA. Which maybe it is. This might be me living in my own little bubble again...

Current Playlist: Confession time. I'm really not that good at music. This month I listened to talk radio during my commute to/from work and a little Top 40's stuff on the radio. That's it. Don't I suck at this catagory? Also my iPod is MIA which makes playlists kind of difficult.

Current Guilty Pleasure: Junk food. The holiday were a slippery slope I'm still sliding down. I've probably put on 3-4 pounds in the last two months. Gotta get with it! Have to wear a bikini in a few months!

Current Color: Black, always.

Current Drink: Still diet coke and iced coffee. I bought some Sunny D this month (which I haven't had in years!)

Current Food: Still into salads. Also loving Organic Valley cottage cheese. And we've been eating a lot of pasta lately (which is sadly contributing to those pesky pounds I've put on as of late)

Current Favorite Show: Big Love is back and it's sooooo good!

Current Wishlist: For these hockey tournaments to be over. I miss my husband on the weekends :(

Current Needs: A massage. Think that's what I'm getting Andi and I for Valentine's Day. A spa day. Much needed.

Current Triumphs: Finally getting around to deep-cleaning my house. It's always gross when you dig in deep instead of weekly quick cleans. Not that my house is super messy or anything, but getting in all those little corners, base boards and the shower walls is way over due. Ick.

Current Bane Of My Existence: This new rewards program at work. It falls under my list of responsibilities and we were all set to launch two weeks ago when it was pulled at the 11th hour by our client. Taking some heat on this one and therefore, I wish it would just launch already so we could all move on.

Current Celebrity Crush: George Clooney. We saw Up In The Air last weekend. He's just so handsome and ornery. And very sexy.

Current Indulgence: Baked Ruffles

Current Blessing: My husband. He's my soulmate and somehow he choose me to be his wife. I'm so lucky.

Current Slang: Dude ....

Current Outfit: Sweatpants and a zip up. I look hot right now; bet you wish you could see. JK.

Current Excitement: My birthday! It'll be here in a few weeks. Let the celebration begin!

Current Mood: Relaxed. I love lazy weekends.

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