Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meal Planning 101

What's inside your fridge?

Are you the kind of wifey that has tons of food available for your family? Always plans meals out in advance so you're eating home-cooked meals together at night? Or do you never go to the grocery store (only stocking up on necessities like Diet Coke and chips at Target) and dumbly stare at your husband every flipping night, night after night, saying 'what should we make for dinner?'

I think you can see where I fall.

Meal planning + me = FAIL. I'm just no good at it. Can't think ahead; not able to plan out all the possible ingredients I'd need to make a dish; and when I do they usually go bad because we never get around to making it anyway.

I need help. Any tips you want to share? I feel like a domestic failure sometimes. This is what I'm suppose to be good at (being the girl and all) and I'm just not.

Until then, Husband and I will continue to make bad, bad choices. Like tonight, thank you Chinese delivery.

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  1. Your dietitian friend says this:

    Start small. If planning out a week ahead of time is too much, then start with three days. Figure out what you want to eat those evenings and take into consideration what you'll be doing (i.e. how much time do you have to cook?). Then grocery shop for those three meals. Keep doing it - it will become second nature.

    I also rely heavily on chilis, stews, soup & bread, etc in the winter. I make a batch and then freeze into 2-people meals (Let's Dish style!). It might be a good idea for you guys to do some cooking on the weekend and then eat the leftovers on the weekdays.

    My meal plan for this week for inspiration:
    Sun - Chicken Enchiladas
    Mon - Borscht (beet & vegetable soup) & bread
    Tues - frozen pizza & salad
    Wed - Chana Masala & rice (Indian chickpea dish)
    Thurs - Tuscan soup (cheese tort, spinach, veg soup)
    Fri - leftovers (prob chili w/cornbread)

    Email me if you want more help :)