Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sometimes, it's the little things

Today I made a fantastic discovery, deep in the dark quarters of our basement. A discovery that will surely change our lives forever (well, at least the next few months for sure). But first, let me start at the beginning...

Two years ago, Andi bought me an electric blanket for my birthday. I remember something like "blah blah blah ... it's waaaay to cold here ... all I want for my birthday is an electric blanket" and he finally got me one. I was ecstatic. It was even a high-tech electric blanket with controls for heat on each side of the bed. (We, too, have the classic man is always hot / woman is always cold debate in our house). So after receiving the blanket, I excitedly put it on our bed and used it daily ... almost refusing to turn it off because it was so nice and toasty. Andi had to peel me out of our bed, literally - if I could have spent every waking (and sleeping!) moment in our bed, I surely would have.

And then?

You guessed it. Much whining ensued by my husband "blah blah's too never get out of bed and sores are surely in your future" (OK- I made up the last part!) until I finally agreed to take it off our bed. I stuffed the electric blanket in a tote somewhere in our basement and forgot all about it.

Cut to winter 2009/2010: I swear it's colder this winter than it ever has been. Maybe I'm just getting older and turning into an even bigger weeny. But even Andi's freezing which makes me think the weather is frightful. Two nights ago we were laughing about it; Andi wore to bed wool socks, his warmest sweatpants, a t-shirt and hooded sweatshirt. I wore wool socks, slippers, sweatpants, longsleeve shirt and a stocking hat (OK, the hat was just to be funny). We joked that babies are probably rarely conceived in Minnesota during the wintertime because it's too damn cold to take your clothes off! Ridiculous.

And then today, I remembered the electric blanket. Ah yes, the glorious electric blanket! How could I have so quickly forgotten? After some digging, I found it folded ever-so-nicely in the basement. I put it on the bed, along with some fresh flannel sheets. When Andi comes home tonight, he's going to be so happy. And this time, I think he's going to like it ...

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