Thursday, January 21, 2010

Speaking of Sandra Lee...

I was reading a favorite blog of mine today and the writer was commenting on her 'enemies' list. On the list: The Food Network's Sandra Lee. Which got me thinking, I used to LOVE this network and now ... not so much. In fact, just last weekend I turned it on because there was absolutely nothing on tv (which is a whole different topic - over 400 channels on our Dish and absolutely nothing of interest is on tv? How is that possible? But I digress.)  So, I turned on Food Network thinking "there has to be something on here" .. and eh, not really. What happened to this channel?

Truthfully, it's just not same ever since Rachael Ray went and got all famous. You may love her or hate her but RR, back in the day, was worth watching. She was real and fun and you'd actually learn a thing or two watching her cook. But her new daytime show sucks; she just feels so rich and famous to me now. Sandra Lee - always annoying. What's up with her decorated theme kitchens? Who actually has time to decorate their table with presents and name tags every single time someone comes over for dinner? And her cocktail recipes? Clearly she likes the booze. That's all I'm saying. Giada - she's pretty but notice she never eats anything she cooks. Yea, that's annoying. And finally, those new show hosts they're producing with Next Food Network Star. So American Idol - they're great during the contest, but when they finally get their own show (or record deal, whatever) they're boring as hell to watch/listen to.

Whatever the case, the Food Network needs a refresh. Stop with the 'tv show for every ethnicity'; stop with the fancy dancy ingredients. And stop saying 'anyone can make this recipe with ingredients just laying around your pantry.' I just told you, I have nothing laying around my pantry. I've spent years watching you cook and I'm still a major fail in the kitchen. Just my two cents.


  1. I love Giada but YES why doesn't she ever eat the food! We don't believe you loooooove chocolate Giada because you never take a second bite, my god.

    Who can AFFORD to make a different cocktail with every meal? Sandra Lee must own a liquor store.

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  3. I fall into the I hate Sandra Lee camp because I hate how the whole premise of her show is telling people that cooking is so hard that you have to use pre-made chock-full of preservatives "food stuffs" to do it. I also hate RR (because of the bad tipping) but at least she taught people easy ways to cook real, accessible food in their own kitchens.