Friday, January 22, 2010

Girls Night Sleepover!

It's stop #3 for the pond hockey tournament Andi's company is producing this winter. This weekend's tourney is in Glencoe, IL so he left early this morning for the event. What's that mean? Girls weekend!  For all those moms out there wanting a little quiet time ... you know where to find me. Come on over! My house shall serve as a refuge.

Tonight, Lindsay invited Chloe and I to a sleepover with Andi's little cousins Ellie (8) and Mia (5). We're thinking of taking them to dinner at Chatterbox, a restaurant just a few blocks away our neighborhood. The restaurant has board games you can order right to you table which would be super fun for little kids. Oh, and their own hand-crafted beers, which is peeerfect for big kids like Lindsay and I. :)

Then we're thinking of renting a movie and making popcorn or scrapbooking with the girls at home. Should be a fun night!

Also on this weekend's agenda?
-- girl's day with my friend Julie
-- deep clean my house
-- catch up on some laundry
-- watch the Vikings STOMP the Saints :)

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