Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, it was an interesting New Year's Eve celebration for sure.
We spent our night in Duluth with our friends Derrick & Ellie, Brian & Melissa, Charlie & Katie and Josh & Katie. After much consideration about what to do, we opted for dinner at Hell's Kitchen which was just across the street from our hotel in Canal Park. The restaurant was slow and we had our own little party room which made it feel as if we had the whole place to ourselves. Food was good, cocktails were flowing and we laughed loud enough for everyone to know it was New Year's!

Derrick and Ellie sipping martinis

Andi goofing around inside a skeleten statue outside the restaurant

After dinner, we contimplated where to go to ring in the new year. There were plenty of options, but none of us wanted to risk taking a cab home (and waiting 2+ hours for the seven cabs that run the streets of Duluth). We asked what the closest bar to the hotel was (considering it was 2 degrees outside and we weren't up for a marathon walk home in 3 degree weather) and the answer? Saratoga Strip Club.

...and so we went to the Toga. Pretty seedy; felt like a VFW inside but we took it for face value and bellied up to the stage for the show. We had a great time actually; it's easy to have fun wherever you go when you're rolling with a crew of 10. Shortly after the clock ticked midnight, Andi and I bailed and walked back to the hotel. The rest of our friends continued on to another bar about half a mile down the road. Last laugh this morning as everyone else was hungover and Andi and I felt great.

So it was definitely a different kind of New Year's. But fun none the less. Here's to 2010 - may you keep the adventure alive!

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