Saturday, January 2, 2010

Here's to Health (and Beer)

This morning when we woke up in Duluth it was -22 degrees. That's right, -22 degrees without wind chill. It's unreal why we CHOOSE to live here. Andi was up bright and early to get to his event site and kick off the first day of the open play hockey tournament. I was worried for him (and the rest of the players) because it was so cold ... at what point is it not OK to be outside in temperatures like that? In Duluth - it doesn't seem like temperatures matter. No one was phased and Day 1 of the tourney was a success. Or so Andi says ... cuz us girls were at the spa!
My friends Ellie, Sarah, Kendall and I decided to hit the spa while our boys were freezing their behinds at the event. We arrived around 11am and each had massages/facials/pedicures which was an all-day affair.

Sarah & Ellie waiting for spa treatments

Kendall getting a pedicure

After the spa, we went across the hallway for beers and lunch. Super healthy, we know. We had a great time catching up, telling stories and nourishing our very relaxed bodies. The poor boys, meanwhile, we're frozen to death and wrapping up the event.

Tonight, we went to dinner with the entire group (hockey guys and all) and then hit the hot tub afterwards for one last beer. Once you're married you're definitely not out to impress - this was Andi's attire to the pool. Very sexy ...

Just another night in Duluth ...

Tomorrow we're braving the cold for Day 2 of the hockey tournament. Brought my snow pants, boots, scarf, hat, gloves and the warmest winter coat I own. Hope I'll survive ... and the event goes well!

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