Sunday, January 17, 2010

Marriage is all about ... negotiations.

At church this morning, Pastor preached about temptation.

Afterwards, Andi said he's been tempted lately to buy one of these:

A bigger, fancier flat screen tv for our living room replace this:

our completely funtional medium-sized flat screen tv currently in our living room
...which would replace this:

our completely funtional small-sized flat screen tv currently in our bedroom.

So I told Andi that lately I've been tempted to have one of these...

Think we can strike a deal?


  1. I think that is a very fair trade!!!

  2. I like it. A good deal in my book.

    I think Andi would die if he saw our TV. It's a Celera (what?? who?) and I got it for $100 at Office Max in '03. AWESOME.

  3. I was recently told that when thinking of children - make sure you buy all the "toys" YOU want because after kids come along they will take all your money. ;) BTW - I have been thinking about the same thing myself. - Kate J