Monday, January 4, 2010

You're wishing your life away

Ever heard this saying? Sometimes I feel like I do that - wish my life away. So excited to skip ahead, I forget to smell the roses along the way. I thought about this saying a few times over the weekend as I was having fun with our couple friends on new year's eve, or while I was getting a much-needed massage on Saturday with some girlfriends.  Why can't I enjoy where my life's at today? I should soak up all the fun we're having as a newlywed couple; flying by the seat of our pants, traveling where we want, eating out every night if we feel like it, having money to buy all the things we think we need.  All this will change someday when we have a little one.

But I can't help myself for wishing that day was tomorrow.

So another new year's resolution I'm destined to break: slow down; soak up life to the fullest; enjoy being married to the best husband ever. Think I can do it?

1 comment:

  1. I too am always in speed mode. . . Zach always gives me a hard time about not living in the moment. I am always thinking about what is next, even if we are on a trip I can't help but think where we will go next!